This page is for organizing my thoughts and methods for converting the D20 module to Savage Worlds. Most of the conversion will be play-time-fudging since that is what Savage Worlds seems to do best.


Along with my own common-sense, I’m using this Pinacle Forum post and this Savagepedia guide to assist in my conversion.


Assume that $1 in Savage Worlds equates to one silver piece in D&D. Therefore $10 equals 1 gp.


Most monsters have equivalents in the SWD and Fantasy Companion Beastiaries. Those that don’t will (probably) assume d6’s in everything except important skills/stats.

Skill Check and Save DCs

This is probably going to be the toughest conversion since Savage Worlds is based typically on a Target Number of 4, while D20 is based on d20 rolls with added bonuses.

To convert the rolls, we first need to reduce the DC to a natural d20 roll by subtracting a reasonable/average modifier. Since The Sunless Citadel is a 1-3 level D&D module, we’ll approximate average bonuses as 2nd level character. If we assume an average Ability modifier of +2, average skill rank bonus of +3, and an average save bonus of +2; we can assume that any given check will be rolled with a bonus of +4 or +5. We can subtract 4 or 5 from the DC to calculate the natural roll required to achieve success. Since this is a low-level module, we’ll use 4 to calculate the Natural-DC. 10 is stated in D&D as average, so a natural-DC of 10 is a ‘normal’ SW roll.

DC Modifier: 4
Natural-DC = DC – 4

We should note that not all DCs should be calculated in this way. Traps, for instance, could instead be assigned a skill die that would result in an opposed roll. This is how Savage Worlds traps work, so we’ll just need to figure out what Skill die to give it. Particularly difficult or well-made traps could also gain a Wild Die (GM’s decision).

DC Natural-DC SW roll modifier Skill Die Difficulty
4-6 0-2 +4 d4-2 Guaranteed
7-9 3-5 +2 d4 Very Easy
10-12 6-8 +1 d6 Easy
13-15 9-11 +0 d6 Average
16-18 12-14 -1 d8 Tough
19-21 15-17 -2 d10 Challenging
22-23 18-19 -4 d12 Formidable
24+ 20+ -6 d12+ Heroic


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